Caroline Bowen APP AAIPP

Caroline Bowen is one of Melbourne's most experienced newborn photographers. Working from her beautiful, purpose built newborn studio for the past 8 years, Caroline has established herself as a trusted and much loved newborn photographer...with families returning to her over and over to capture their precious little people. Caroline is an Associate member of the AIPP and a volunteer photographer for the Heartfelt Organisation.

She was a finalist at the 2017 AIPP Victorian Professional Photography Awards in both the Newborn and Family categories!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became a photographer?


Photography has always been a love of mine, even when I was a child. The idea that I could capture a moment, freeze it in time forever! I was a Primary teacher for ten years before I had my three beautiful sons. After they were born I became obsessed with photographing them and capturing all those special moments.

I started my business about 9 years ago, initially photographing families and even a few weddings! A workshop with an international newborn photographer changed everything for me…I knew I had found my new career! I began photographing babies in clients’ homes…but I knew to guarantee consistent results I needed a perfect controlled environment…and so my home studio was born…the rest, as they say, is history.

I have photographed hundreds of babies in Melbourne, and I still adore every minute…I am quite blessed to love what I do.

Why newborn photography?


My boys are all teenagers now…and while I love that they are growing up…I also miss them being little. The tiny newborn stage is so fleeting…in the blur of those first few sleep-deprived weeks, the time will pass before you know it. Capturing your baby’s tiny details and ‘newness’ is a decision you will never regret.

I’m lucky as I get to have newborn cuddles, and share the joy of a new baby with my families…it really is the most precious time in your life.

I honestly love what I do. Specialising in babies also means I have become very confident and experienced….so my shoots are very relaxed and enjoyable. This puts families at ease and means that can be confident their baby is in the best hands.


Tell us about your studio?

My home studio was purpose built a few years ago. It is a beautifully lit room, temperature controlled and even has a lovely view! My clients always comment on how pretty the room is, so I think this makes them feel relaxed and at home. I have all of my props and accessories available…and of course if there are any little accidents on my clothes…I can easily get changed (yes, this does happen from time to time!)


Can you share some tips for a successful newborn shoot?


Most important is patience! Newborn babies can be a bit unpredictable, so it’s important to go with the flow and to recognise babies needs. 
Being flexible with the session time (for most of my families, it is their first outing with their new baby…even the first big trip in the car). Sessions take as long as needed, this allows plenty of time for breaks, cuddles, nappy changes and feeding. I always have a plan and a workflow, but this is very flexible and can be changed if the baby is awake or unsettled for a while. Sessions are always very relaxed and calm.


Tell me about your professional awards?


Each year I enter state, national and some international awards. While this can be a very stressful experience, it has pushed me creatively and made me a better photographer. Being recognised professionally is an important accomplishment.

In 2016 I placed 2nd in the newborn category at WPPI in Las Vegas, USA.
In 2017 I entered images in the Family and Newborn category.

I was a finalist in both, which is a huge honour….I was absolutely thrilled!


Photography experience 


8 years


AIPP History 


Joined and Accredited in 2009